CéDé® Carored is a red colorant based on canthaxantine for colouring red factor birds such as red coloured canaries, goldfinches, common redpolls, cardinals, flamingos, etc.

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Provide CéDé® Carored only during breeding and moulting, as the red colour is formed in the feathers only during those periods.


For red factor canaries, start providing CéDé® Carored about two weeks before the first egg is laid.  In this way, the flight and tail feathers of young birds will have a beautiful colour during the first year too. Provide CéDé® Carored daily during the breeding and moulting periods.

In the case of intensive red-coloured birds, the feathers obtain fine colouring if at most 10 grams CéDé® Carored (= 2 flush-filled measuring scoops) are mixed with 1 kg CéDé® egg food. A smaller dose will suffice for birds that should have a less intensive colour.

One flush-filled measuring scoop contains 5 grams CéDé® Carored.

CéDé® Carored can also be provided through the drinking water. Here, at most 10 grams CéDé® Carored (= 2 flush-filled measuring scoops) should be diluted in a litre of lukewarm water (ca. 45°C). To be provided fresh daily


18 months after production date (see date and batch number on the packaging).  Keep dry and cool.



Dextrose, maize starch.


1,8% Canthaxantine (E161g)