CéDé® multivit en CéDé® topvit

Birds and doves that are housed, cared and fed properly get enough vitamins in their daily ration. Certainly when CéDé egg food is ingested during the breeding, moulting and rest periods according to the instructions for use.

Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, such as draughts, temperature fluctuations, disease, stress, flight season, moving to another environment (purchase of birds, bird show, etc.), the resistance of birds may be impaired.

In such circumstances, birds and doves have extra needs for vitamins that boost the metabolism and make them fit again.

Available in

  • Topvit 20 ml EANcode 5414390110020
  • Multivit 200ml EANcode 5414390110037

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After treatment for coccidiosis or antibiotic cure, it is recommended to give birds CéDé Multivit for 7 days, by dissolving 10 drops of CéDé Multivit - CéDé Topvit in a 100ml drinking water bottle.


CéDé Multivit and CéDé Topvit can be provided both via the drinking water and CéDé egg food for 7 to 10 days.


  • For canaries, exotic birds, wild birds, grass parakeets, fruit- and insect-eating birds, dissolve 2-3 drops per bird in a few drops of water and distribute it in the CéDé egg food or CéDé Universal Food.
  • Agapornids, neophemas: 4-5 drops per bird.
  • Large parakeets: 6-9 drops per bird, depending on the body weight.
  • Parrots, macaws and cockatoos:  10-14 drops per bird, depending on the body weight.
  • Doves: 10 drops per dove.


  • Dissolve 5 ml CéDé Multivit in 1 litre of water (20 drops CéDé Multivit- CéDé Topvit correspond to 1 ml)
  • Dissolve 10 drops CéDé Multivit – CéDé Topvit in a 10 ml drinking bottle.


  • Remove the bath water from the cage during the vitamin cure.
  • Change daily.


24 months after production date (see date and batch number on the packaging).  Keep dry and cool


Dextrose 0.25% and saccharose 0.25%

Guaranteed content per 200ml

0% Raw Proteïn
4% Raw Fat
0%  Raw cellulose
85,9% Moisture
0,2% Raw Ash
0.02% Natrium
2.4000.000 I.E. Vitamin A 
200.000 I.E. Vitamin D3 
4.000 mg Vitamin E (Dl-alpha-tocopherol-acetate)
560 mg Vitamin K
720 mg Vitamin B1 
1.120 mg Vitamin B2 
4.000mg Vitemin B5 (Panthotenic acid)
720 mg Vitamin B6 
2.8 mg Vitamin B12 
24 mg Vitamin H (Biotine)
16.000 mg Vitamin C 
560 mg Vitemin PP (Niacine) 

Preservative (E202), Emulsifier (E484)