Lory Food

CéDé® Lory Food is complete food for all species of lory birds, hanging and fig parrots.  The processing of the full eggs makes CéDé® unique!  Egg protein is an easily ingestible and optimally usable source of animal protein for birds. CéDé® Lory Food is an easily digestible food that contains all the necessary nutrients to keep your birds in optimal shape and to obtain breeding results.

Available in

  • 1 kg/2.2 Lb EANcode 5414390007016
  • 5 kg/11.0 Lb EANcode 5414390003209

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It is also an important source of high-grade animal protein, which is necessary for keeping the birds in good condition and for good breeding results.


  • Mix 1 part CéDé® Lory Food with 3 to 4 parts of water.  Some lory birds prefer a somewhat sweeter pap, so it is best to add some liquid honey to the mix.
  • If possible, provide a fresh portion several times a day, especially when the weather is warmer.
  • A portion of fresh fruit can also be provided daily.


Bakery products, egg and egg products, sugars, seeds, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, minerals.


15.7% Raw protein
5% Raw fat
2% Raw cellulose
9% Moisture
3.8% Raw ash
0.9% Calcium
0.4% Phosphorus


12.000 I.E Vitamin A
1.200 I.E. Vitamin D3
30 mg Vitamin E
1 mg Vitamin K
6 mg Vitamin B1
21 mg Vitamin B2
28 mg Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)
70 mg Choline Chloryde
55 mg Vitamin PP (Niacin)
1 mg Vitamin B6
0.05 mg Vitamin B12
0.2 mg Vitamin H (Biotin)
4 mg Folium acid
3 mg Vitamin C
50 mg Magnesiumoxide manesium
25 mg Manganese(II)sulphate (monohydrate) manganese
17 mg Zinc sulphate (monohydrate), zinc
2 mg Copper(II)sulphate (pentahydrate), copper
1 mg Calcium iodate (anhydrate)-iodine
150 mg Dl-Methionine
780 mg L-Lysine